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Les Roches - Internacional School of Hotel Management

Les Roches Marbella
Post-Graduate Diploma in Golf Management
An effective response to market’s needs
If you play golf or have a passion for it and wish to specialize in the field of golf management, then
become a leading player in the fastest growing sport worldwide. Having access to professionals with
the ability to manage and maximize the potential of golf course resources is one of the reigning needs
in the industry. Until now, many of these professionals have had to travel to the United States or the
UK to gain the required qualifications, but now they have the same opportunity in Spain at Les Roches
The Golf Industry growth experienced in the last years in Portugal has been the most significant among all countries in the
European Union. With over 70 golf courses, many of them designed by top renowned golf designers to provide players with
a true challenging experience, most of Portugal’s golf courses provide golf enthusiasts beautiful landscaped courses that
can be enjoyed all year round. Currently, the industry in Portugal generates several hundreds of million Euro annually in
revenue including such aspects as event management, projects, amenities, specialized media, tourism and real estate
developments and employs thousands of people.
The golf course development in Portugal has allowed this sport to become an important and influential industry of the
Sport & Leisure Tourism sectors by providing added values such as the promotion of “quality” tourism, the increase of real
estate promotion (real estate properties that surround a golf course increased in value by 20 to 25 per cent on average),
and the environmental improvement of certain areas as a result of this sport, certain deteriorated areas are being
rejuvenated, thus preventing residential saturation.
The combination of the above elements means that that the golf industry in Portugal is increasingly, and more urgently, in
need of managers with a sound training background who have the ability to respond with creativity and professionalism to
the industry’s new challenges, and to identify and analyse problems, applying the most appropriate solutions. This means
the professional opportunities available through this type of training are numerous.
Les Roches Marbella’s Post-Graduate
Diploma in Golf Management
This promising reality has, until now, contrasted with
the existence of something of a vacuum in Portugal and
Spain as far as this kind of education is concerned. In
fact, a significant proportion of people interested in
such specialised training have been forced to leave and
complete their post-graduate studies elsewhere. Now
this trend has been broken thanks to Les Roches
Marbella’s launch of a post-graduate diploma in Golf
Management. The course lasts one year, is held
completely in English and is for university graduates and
professionals with a minimum of five years’ experience in the industry who want specialist business education in the
management of golf courses and businesses related to golf.
The post-graduate programme is backed by the top International Hotel Management School Les Roches Marbella and,
among other aspects, offers two key features: it is committed to Swiss quality education in a Mediterranean environment,
like Marbella; and it offers an academic curriculum designed and based on the best university programmes in the US,
accredited by the US PGA, which brings together theory and practical training within a campus offering state of the art
The post-graduate programme combines theory, personal development, management and leadership, with the aim of
expanding the range of professional opportunities available in the golf industry and other sectors directly or indirectly
related to this business.
The programme structure is a response to the need for specialist business training, while seeking excellence in the overall
training of genuine managers with the ability to make creative decisions related to complex problems and run teams of
people with the objective of ensuring efficiency and profitability in a business’s entire operation.
The curriculum for this post-graduate programme has been carefully designed and is taught by active professionals and golf
companies, including Troon Golf, and is sub-divided into two semesters. During the first semester, students study 15
subjects (13 theoretical and two practical), involving 600 contact hours and 36 credits. The course is module-based, and
includes practical session’s in-situ at golf courses. For the second semester, students carryout an internship period of a
minimum of 1,000 hours/three credits, in one of the various departments of a golf course or resort or any other golf related
Les Roches Marbella has established a collaboration agreement with Troon Golf who plays an important role in the
development of the program by offering students internships and career placement opportunities. Troon Golf oversees
operations at more than 200 courses located in 31 states in the USA and 31 countries. In addition, the school has also
established numerous collaboration agreements with golf courses, many of them near the campus: Marbella Club Golf
Resort, Rio Real Golf, Santa María Golf & Country Club, Finca Cortesín Golf Resort, Cabopino Golf, Río Real Golf, Antequera
Golf and La Cala Golf, among others.
For further information, please contact:
Mr. Pedro Martins, Les Roches Educational Counsellor
Tlf.: (+34) 647 546 043 / (+34) 952 764 437 – info@lesroches.es – www.lesroches.es

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